Upgrade Announcement!

Hello dear user!
We are upgrade our system to a new platform! That is very amazing and pretty cool to use and there are a lot of application variation support.

In the term of our application movement we are going to manage this existing application till 30 November 2021 after that this application and application related data will be lost!

So if you need to check or get anything from this, please do a backup or migrate your data to our new application.

To quickly migrate or open a new account to our new platform there was a option we are created, login through your credentials here then you will be redirect to a short notice page then click to "Go to new platform" button then a registration page will be appear fill the form then submit.

After migrate or open an account to our new platform you are not able to see your existing data.
Your all existing data are stored here. you can access these at anytime until the termination date.

In this old platform we are disabled to create a new account, submitting new appointment request etc. Doctor of this platform can only perform to view there information and data.


  • I was submitted an appointment but it's not done yet, what should I do?

    Ok, then you should contact with our support team with your appointment ID, you can find support information here

  • Where is my existing prescription?

    Your all existing prescription will be available in our existing/old platform.

Last Thought

Explore our new application!

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